flipboard alternative for windows phone

Do you switched from android or iOS to windows phone and are you a flipboard fan. Then this article is for you. Recently I from android ecosystem to Nokia Lumia and as,you know that windows ecosystem lacks many major apps which are available in android and iOS. I usually uses flipboard app a lot in my android device and after getting used to windows I kept on searching for a flipboard alternative for windows phone.Flipboard is now available for Windows 8.1 pc users. But it will take some more time to get flipboard for windows phone.

I kept on searching for a flipboard alternative for windows phone for a very long time and tried several apps which dubbed themselves as flipboard alternatives but many of them really suck :P . Finally i figured out a perfect alternative for flipboard and its in beta stage right now with frequent updates. As we mentioned above the flipboard alternative is named as flipmag and it is a perfect alternative for flipboard. With a similar ui it almost looks similar to flipboard.

Something is better than nothing is the quite that correctly apts for the situation. It’s clear that many developers are neglecting the windows phones thinking that they have a less user base and slowly the situation is changing and soon we will see all major apps which are available in android and iOS will be available for windows phone too.As you know that flipboard is an rss reader and flipmag is best flipboard alternative for windows phone for now as we can expect the official flipboard application soon in the windows store.

Flipboard alternative for windows phone:-

flipboard alternative for windows phone

The welcome screen of flipmag appwhich helps you too select your favorite categories which helps you stay up to date. The categories range from tech to photography.

flipboard alternative for windows phone

After selecting your favorite categories the app displays a screen as above which pulls the rss feed from the night authority and popular sites in the categories you have selected.

flipboard alternative for windows phone

There is an option in the settings menu of flipmag the flipboard alternative for windows phone in which you can customize and selects only desired sites you wish to follow. The options are working cool ans flipmag is a must have flipboard alternative for windows phone.

flipboard alternative for windows phone

Are you a blogger then this feature is for you you can spy on your competitors sites by adding them to your list. Isn’t that cool as this feature helps you to get the rss feed right on your screen rather than punching each url everytime in the browser.

flipboard alternative for windows phone

Create your own channel of your site or spy on your competitors site. Our article has finally came to an end. Hope that our article on flipboard alternative for windows phone helped you. Show your love in the form of comments and social share :D .

9 Responses

  1. Anirudh says:

    I have an Android phone, which do you say as the Best alternative for Flipboard? My vote goes for Feedly. What do you say?

  2. it is really interesting and useful post for flipboard keep it bro :)

  3. Nice collection. And yea some of them are better than flipboard. Cheers

  4. Debarpan says:

    This is really a great post from you bro,great work.

  5. but still many apps are missing in windows phone. Like I Need AdSense and Analytics apps but in Windows phone there is no such solution for it.

    Thats why I am using Android Phone now!

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