How to get iOS 7 on lumia windows devices

Now a days the OS market has been expanding and we are getting many players into it. We have also seen Ubuntu, Microsoft also getting into this market. If we take Ubuntu it is open source and we can flash it on any Android Device which meets the requirements of the OS. If we consider Windows it is a closed operating system which means we cant modify the operating system in any way. We are also seeing that Students are more attracted to Lumia devices because of the style factor and awesome specs. I too bought a Nokia Lumia 520 I am also a student :P. Here I am going to share some Interesting Thing to make your Lumia device experience to next step. That is How to Get iOS 7 on  Lumia Windows Devices this guide is not restricted to Lumia devices and works on every windows phone out there. If your friend has a iPhone and Do you fell in love in iOS 7 then follow our guide on How to Get iOS 7 on Lumia Windows devices. You get almost all iOS 7 features working on your lumia device including the same status bar of iOS 7. Lets get into the game on How to Get iOS 7 on lumia devices.

The process is simple you cant load iOS on any other phones but we will show you How to Get iOS 7 on Lumia Windows devices. Here you go you can get the cool look of iOS 7 without missing even a single feature on your Lumia device. This thing is tested on Lumia 520 & 620 and it worked like charm.

How to get iOS 7 on Lumia Windows devices:-

prerequisites for How to get iOS 7 on Lumia windows devices:-

  • You should have a Lumia Device or any other Windows phone.

  • A data connection.

  • Thats it.


Process on How to get iOS 7 on Lumia Windows devices:-

  • Go to store and search for Switch to iOS.

  • you will get a list of apps there is a app named Switch to iOS download it.

  • its around 5 MB install that one.

  • Now open that app.

  • Voila you are running iOS 7.

Here is a Small proof in the form of screenshots so that you can believe that our guide on How to get iOS 7 on lumia windows devices?

Though you cant run the real iOS on your Lumia devices you can get the feel of iOS 7. I have fooled around 50 members of my college and they used the phone and asked that to update there phones to iOS 7 they are thinking that i have updated their phones to iOS 7. Only you and me knows the secret. If you liked our article on How to get iOS 7 on lumia Windows devices leave a comment and Share this article with your friends.

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  1. Rana says:

    I like most iOS 7 operating system.
    iOS 7 is better than windows system. So i will try to get iOS 7 then get back to this site for share my thought.

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