Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide

Hello Guys We are going to write a detailed guide on Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers Guide. We decided to write a complete guide on it so that you can select your Mobile Phone After reading our guide. As a tech blogger I noticed many of my friends used to ask me which mobile to choose in this price with this features. Yes as a tech blogger i keep myself updated with the latest Mobiles getting into the market which makes easy to suggest. What if you don’t have any friend who suggest you a phone then this guide Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide. We will discuss each and every aspect In this Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide. 

Mobile Phone Buying Guide - A complete buyers guideThese days there are several handsets or mobiles in the market with lots of features. Simply anyone including me got confused while choosing a mobile phone. The mobiles now available are the best when compared to previous. Lets see the Guide Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide.

You are Reading:-Mobile Phone Buying Guide - A complete buyers guide

Lets see the things we need to concentrate while buying a mobile Phone.

Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide:-

1.Budget to buy a Mobile Phone:- While Buying a Mobile Phone budget is the main concern. First you have to decide your budget. Yes budget [plays an important role in Buying a mobile phone. We can easily list out the Mobile Phones in the respected Budget so that it will become easy to select the best smartphone in your budget itself. Everyone can’t afford an iPhone and we can buy the best in our budget.

Mobile Phone Buying Guide - A complete buyers guide

2.Choose a Mobile Operating System:- The first step of eyngn’s Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide is choosing a suitable Operating system that suits you. Lets see what operting systems are available and their features.

  1. Android:- No doubt Android is the king of Mobile Operating Systems. Many of the devices are running Android. If you are looking for the applications and games then Android Playstore have tons of apps which makes the Playstore the largest Mobile app store. There are also many uses being an android user you can many custom roms on your device. It’s a little geeky stuff. Android is famous for its open source. You can modify and can use your own customized Android Experience.
  2. iOS:- iOS is the Apples’s operating system which is used in its iPad’s and iPhone’s but the Operating system is a closed one means its totally different from Android open Source awesomeness. Still you can enjoy different themes on your device. But you need to Jail Break the device which makes your device out of warranty. iOS is fast and fluid build for the apple ecosystem. If you own Apple products then iOS is your choice you can enjoy it with other Apple products.
  3. Windows:- Microsoft also stepped into Mobile operating system. Many companies like Nokia, Htc, Samsung etc released their own Windows device. Windows operating system is quite similar to its desktops windows 8. It’s having all features of the desktop version are available in Mobile version. It was fast, Fluid and lag free. It was beautiful with its skype integration.
  4. Blackberry:- Blackberry is the one of the best Mobile operating systems and now it losts it reputation and Many users are opted for other devices rather than a Blackberry handset. Slowly its losing the market. There are still Blackberry Fanboys out there who are ready to buy Blackberry handsets. Blackberry has recently revamped the Blackberry OS and released a full pledged touch device with the Blackberry 10 Os.

Mobile Phone Buying Guide - A complete buyers guide

Select which mobile os suits you and continue to next phase.

3.Hardware of the Mobile Phone:- Hardware of the device plays an Important role in one’s Mobile usage experience. If the device has a excellent hardware then your mobile experience will be at par level because you get the maximum out of the device. Lets see the Hardware you wanna have in  your Mobile phone.

  1. Processor:- Processor is the heart of the smartphone. Now a days the phones comes with Double core, Quad Core and Octa core. I will suggest you to go with a budget Quadcore or a Good dual core device. The Budget quadcore performance is slighly better and you never experience any lag unless you do heavy multi tasking. Still prefer the best phone with best Processor in your Budget.
  2. Ram:- Ram plays a crucial role in the Usage. The more free ram the phone run more faster. Now a days its quite common that that a normal device having a  GB Ram. You can get a device with  GB ram at only 7000/- INR. You can imagine how fast your phone can run. You can play high end games on your device.
  3. Internal Storage:- Internal Storage plays a crucial role in a mobile phone. Choose a Mobile phone with a minimum internal storage of 4 GB so you cant run out of memory for apps and games. You also dont need to move apps to SD card every time you downloaded a new app.

4.Camera:- Every buys a phone to take some selfies also. I too take my pictures in my phone :D . Choose a device whic gives best clarity for your pics and dont aim for high pixels and less clarity. Go for the device which can take awesome pictures. Don’t forgot to check whether the device has a secondary camera or not. This is the 3G generation and you may have also Skype account. You can use skype without any hassels.

5.Battery life:- Battery is the enemy of smartphones when we choose a device with good specs and all it lacks the more mAh of the battery donno why? Try to get a good mobile phone with a good mAh of the battery so you never run out of battery when your texting or talking with some one special :P .

Aah the list has finally came to an end this is the last thing you need to look at when buying a mobile phone.

6.Screen:- The Last thing that is to be checked when buying a mobile phone is Screen Size. Yes screen size matters if you are going to buy a mobile phone to watch movies and all stuff go for a mobile phone which is more than 4″ which makes your video viewing experience more better. The more resolution of the screen the more clearer and eye pleasing.

Here is a small infographic on Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide

Mobile Phone Buying Guide - A complete buyers guide

Atlast the very big guide has came to an end thanks for reading Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide Though the guide has came to an end we would like to see your comments on our guide Mobile Phone Buying Guide – A complete buyers guide. Leave your valuable feedback in the form of comments.

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